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Criminal Minds Fans Anonymous

You know who we are...

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All Members , Moderated
Okay, we're not really anonymous. Still, we're 100% Criminal Minds fangirls.

Check out the Icon & Header Contest! (Runtime: May 20 - June 10 - Enter your submissions while you can!)

Even though this is a fairly free-spirited comm, we need a few ground rules, so here they are:

1. First thing's first: Please post a introduction of yourself, just a basic run-down:
Who are you?
Where are you from?
How long have you been a Criminal Minds fangirl?
Favorite agent:
Favorite pairing:
Favorite quote from the show:
(if you have one)

2. All things Criminal Minds-related can be posted here, but as your friendly neighbourhood mod I strongly encourage you to use the other Criminal Minds communities out there; bau_fic and cm_slash for fanfic, picturethecrime for fanart and icons, and criminalxminds for general CM stuff. I think very few of us are interested in 5 x crossposting of a single fic or batch of icons. This comm is primarily for fangirl squees and just plain fawning.

3. However, if you want to request a fic, a beta, or an icon/banner/other fanart with specific content, please feel free.

4. Be nice and polite. Although your opinions may differ from another's, that's no reason to jump eachother's throats.

5. Also, DO NOT mess with the tags! The mods will add tags later =)

Otherwise the mods (at least the mods' mod-ly functions) will stay in the background unless things get catty (which they sometimes get when fangirls collide), or something needs clarification.